I've been a user of Archbee for quite a while now. It is an absolutely stunning product. Both the design and the interface make it a pleasure to use. Each time I build something in Archbee, it turns out better than I originally conceived. Even though I have other tools that I use and love such as Notion, Milanote, and Nimbus web, Archbee is exceptionally well suited for a particular use case. Knowledge base and front facing information sharing. I use it to build our brand design standardsto share with architects and interior designers when we take on new projects. It is the perfect consumable format that is always relevant and up to date. On top of that, Dragos is a great guy🙂. He is clearly invested in his own product and always willing to help guide you to getting the most out of Archbee. I can't recommend this tool enough! 👍👍
 Just S — Owner, Simple Lotus
💬 on Archbee 2.0Dec 05
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