Brilliant minimalistic (in the right meaning of the word): Does a lot whiteout feeling cluttered. A really well functioning team wiki & knowledge base that don't get in your face. But enables you. Had almost stopped looking for such a solution when I came across Archbee :-) Have not yet spend much time in V.2.0 but a big step & improvements for daily real use. I think only minor stuff keep it form being best in class. Like the ability to get comments on documents from ppl not registered, A way to get feeds from new entries (RSS), But properly what would be the biggest win, would be getting automation (and if possible not only Zapier, but SyncSpider, Integreatly and Piesync, as I bet a lot of ppl who got Archbee are the same ppl who have bought into the two first, both are super nice ppl who will do a lot off the heavy lifting in integrating), last an API woul always be great, but more a nice to have at this point :-)
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