@christinawyvern First comment I've ever made on here - just wanted to say that I absolutely love this app - it is genuinely different from any of the other task apps out there and ticks a lot of the boxes that I have been looking for for some time (was thinking about self building at one point). I'm not 100% sure it will work for me yet but testing it out, and more importantly - thats not important, as it will definitely work for many. If I test and it works for my personal needs I'll be signing up for the lifetime plan. One observation and two questions: - The pricing is probably on the high side compared to others. Not a barrier for me as I will pay the extra for a product that works, but just a thought. - The Calendar time blocking (brilliant concept by the way, I have been doing exactly this manually) doesnt reflect when you come to do a daily or weekly plan (i.e. its not shown in there) - it would be great if it could be in some way so that you can plan your day or week in line with your goals around use of time more seamlessly? - Is there a bulk upload ability, in order to move quickly from my existing task app? All in all - really really impressed, its no mean feat to bring something new to the task app space.
 Scott Clennell
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