I have been a Todoist premium user for years now and I use it for just about every part of my life. For reference, I have a "Grand Master" karma rating in the app (basically I use it a lot lol). All of this to say that it would take a lot for me to switch from my tried and proven productivity flow. On top of this, Amazing Marvin is still early in its development so no native mac app (yet). Despite all of this, I am ridiculously impressed with all of the features that are packed into Amazing Marvin! I have been looking for an all in one productivity app that would not only capture and organize my todo's, but one that would help me to get all of those todo's done. I am already in the process of transitioning over all of my todo's from Todoist to Amazing Marvin, and so far everything is going well. I am very excited to see how the development of Amazing Marvin goes. I will likely be subscribing to the annual plan if everything continues to go well 😊
 Brandon Harper — VP of Ops
💬 on Amazing MarvinApr 29
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