Two weeks ago, I decided to give Amazing Marvin a try. Organizing myself and my schedule is THE biggest challenge in my life. I have tried numerous tools to organize myself... Apps to manage tasks and projects, fancy calendars, journals (including the infamous bullet journal), ... Name it; I've tried it. 📒🗓️📊 Nothing worked. I could never stick with it for more than a few days. And by "a few", I mean 4 days... That was my personal record. Here is the super-procrastinator-looking-for-a-solution-cycle : 1. Miss yet another deadline. 2. Find an amazing productivity app/tool/trick. 3. Use it for a couple of days. 4. Get overwhelmed. 5. Stop using the app/tool/trick. As you can imagine, I was skeptical when I first met Marvin. After having failed to regain control over my motivation and schedule so many times, using so many different tools, I kind of felt like a lost cause. I was starting to believe I would have to deal with my random spurts of energy and multiple missed deadlines for the rest of my life. Well. It's been two weeks, and Marvin and I are having a great time. Actually, I've rarely been this productive. 🔥 What makes Marvin different, in my opinion, is its flexibility. Since it's built on strategies, you don't feel like a failure when it does not work perfectly for you right at the start. You can add strategies to your workflow slowly and get to know them. A strategy does not work for you? Just deactivate it. I also LOVE the masterlist, and especially the inbox. I feel overwhelmed when I have to prioritize and organize everything immediately, which is often the case with productivity apps. Now I just jot everything down, and prioritize things the next morning. Now, I don't want to exaggerate... Amazing Marvin is not a magic solution. I did not become an amazingly productive person in just 14 days. But I improved. A lot. 😉 And I'm confident I will keep getting better, since I still have many strategies to try out, and sticking with Marvin is so, so easy. Exactly 14 days ago, when I started using the app, I entered this task in my masterlist: "If you can see this, leave a review for Amazing Marvin on Product Hunt." I had selected today as the due date, so Marvin started reminding me of the task a few days ago. And since I'm on top of things this week, I had the time to write this great review, for a great product. Give it a try! 😊
 Alexandra Martel — Web Marketing Enthusiast
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