Hey Product Hunters! We are glad to present Reflect Face swap. It differs significantly from the face swaps you might be used to - previously face swap was only about copy/pasting the part of the image with a face or putting a mask on it, but we are using AI to modify facial features. Our app is able to swap faces seamlessly, keeping the lightning, colors and expression of the original face, not the swapped one. This app lets you swap faces in pictures, paintings, statues, video games characters - anywhere you can find a face. Ever wanted to be in a Van Gogh painting or GTA? Here you go! Our technology is based on machine learning and it changes the facial features so you can recognize the one you swapped the face to. Create a great Christmas profile picture with your face swapped to Santa using our app! Why was the Reflect Face swap technology created? I wish I could tell you a story about how I broke up with my long time girlfriend and we had too many family pictures with my parents and her on them. It was hard for me to see her, but the pictures were good, so I wanted some technology to swap her face to Cara Delevingne to make myself feel better. But no, I don't have such a story. The real story is that some time ago we heard about Deepfake and all those porn scandals. We were a little bit disappointed because such a potentially useful technology was devalued from the very beginning. We thought that it could be used for significantly better purposes, such as cinema post-production, personalized marketing, YouTube bloggers creating new content and so many others. We then realized that we could make our own technology and start using it immediately in a more positive manner. Face swapping in pictures is just the first step. Our next generations of this technology will include face swapping in videos, body swap, and detecting fake videos and pictures. Our technology is based on such type of artificial neural networks as Generative adversarial networks (also known as GANs), so a part of the system lets us see which videos or pictures are actually fake. So besides our plans to make a Hollywood quality face swap that could allow Paul Walker take part in future Fast and Furious films, we are also planning to launch a separate fake video and photo detection service. Thank you for the attention, let's take this technology to positive and useful new levels. Much love, Reflect team
 Roman Mogylnyi — CEO @ RefaceAI
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